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Update: This new tank from Mandalorian Season 3 is out now!

Long have I waited…and now, you are coming together…

This LEGO® Spider Tank looks, hands-down, awesome! There are full appendages and articulation from the tank that flipped and caged Din Djarin on the planet, Mandalore. Whether choosing this for yourself, a future LEGO® gift for your brother, or a future LEGO® gift for your Dad, you cannot go wrong with such a unique Star Wars build!

What Was The Scene That Created The Idea For LEGO® Star Wars Spider Tank 75461?

Episode 2 of Season 3 of the Mandalorion, *spoiler alert* kicks off with a daring rescue mission by Grogu and Bo-Katan to save Din Djarin, also known as “The Mandalorian” or “Mando” from a large droid-like, General Grievous-esque creature piloting a massive spider/crab tank that was lurking in the Mines of Mandalore (The planet “Mando” is exploring).

What Is Included In The Spider Tank Set?

Three minifigures, and 526 piece Spider Tank that is even able to hold a minifigure in each claw!

What Are The Minifigures That Come With The Spider Tank Set?

Bo-Katan Kryze (with her jetpack and helmet), Grogu, and a Din Djarin minifig with a Darksaber blade.

What Is Unique About The Spider Tank Set?

This is the first time we are seeing “Mando” with a fully extended and detailed Darksaber blade. You can bet, due to this being an iteration of the “Mando” LEGO® minifig with the blade drawn, that many enthusiasts and collectors will purchase this set due to the unique Darksaber blade piece. The Spider Tank is also completely new to the world of LEGO® – as is the set design from a never-before-seen creature in the Star Wars Cinematic Universe.

What Is So Cool About The Spider Tank Itself?

With roughly 500 pieces, this tank is a fun and quick build. This tank looks spot-on to the one portrayed in Season 3 Episode 2. Also, with the piece count, you can easily build…an army of these. Trust me, it has been on my mind. I might buy twenty of these tanks. Lastly, it comes with a stud shooter on the back of the tank for something laser-blasting fun!

Is LEGO Set 75361 Good For LEGO® Investing?

Absolutely. It has an affordable price point and with the Darksaber piece, it will make a quick sell or a long hold. Either way, demand for this Spider Tank is going to be very high!

How Much Will This Spider Tank Cost?

This set has an awesome price point of $49.99 for the level of detail, minifigs, and pieces count that come with it.

Can I Get My Hands On The LEGO® Star Wars 75361 Set Now?

You can preorder off of Amazon for this super cool set. It has a scheduled release date of August 1st, 2023. I will let you know that you are only allowed to pre-order two, so ensure to get yours reserved now!