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The Riveting And Hilarious LEGO® Star Wars II Game Came Out On September 11th, 2006

One of my personal favorites, this LEGO®-themed video game explores the adventurous landscape of the OT (Original Trilogy) broken into 18 levels. Each movie is separated into six segments which span across Hoth, Bespin, Dagobah, Tatooine, the Death Star, and Endor. As a video game, you feel a strong and welcomed pull of nostalgia as you travel across the galaxy, play one of your favorite franchises, in the theme of another favorite franchise, while chuckling at the ludicrous jokes LEGO® sneaks into its intellectual property.

How Many Playable Characters Are There In Game?

The nostalgic, Star Wars, brick-paradise offers a grand total of 114 LEGO® minifig characters for you to play as. 46 of these characters are unlockable if you have a saved game from LEGO® Star Wars (the first game in the series) on a memory card or the hard drive of your PS2, Nintendo DS, or Xbox 360.

Is LEGO® Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Multiplayer?

It is meant to be a single player game (in my honest opinion), but you can certainly have two players locally and it does make for a great time.

Would You Recommend Buying Star Wars II?

Absolutely. This is a certified, Baumlinks buy. This game offers endless ridiculousness, cheat codes, challenging levels, fun bosses, endless adventure, and all from the comfort of an out-dated console sitting in your basement. You can still unwind, relax, and enjoy what this incredible throwback has to offer. It is an award-winning game for a reason. It is a ton of fun!