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The LEGO® Succulents As A Beautiful Gift For Friends And Family

The LEGO® flowers and succulent sets are a sight to behold. These masterfully created sets, also known as the LEGO® Botanical Collection, are a fun, challenging build for all ages and demographics. When you are done, you can hang them around the house, present them as a gift to a lover, create your own floral MOC, or even build them out into a massive, colorful-brick garden!

These colorful sets pop out almost anywhere they are placed, and they look exactly like succulents. When you build them, or you present it as a LEGO® gift for your mom, you (or she) will be astonished at the level of detail able to be obtained by the designers. It can be kind of addicting…these are flowers and plants that never wilt, and can always be added to your heady-apartment fung-shui.

Don’t Have A Green Thumb? No Need With The LEGO® Succulent Sets

LEGO® is made from a special plastic that is highly durable. Not only will these plants not need to be watered, but if your pets decide to chew on them, they can withstand a chewy-beating. These builds can vary from anywhere from 2-4 hours. They are not highly complex, but they are vibrant, finished product.

Frequently Asked Questions About The LEGO Plants & Flowers Sets

Before purchasing these sets, it is important to narrow down what kind of botanical creation you are looking for, how much time you are willing to spend building this awesome plastic flower, and whether or not it would make a good gift for your family member. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding these phenomenal toys.

What Type of Flowers And Succulents Are Included In These Sets?

There are the following – Wildflowers, Sunflower, Orchid, Bonsai Tree, Bird of Paradise, Flower Bouquet, and Dried Flower Centerpiece.

How Much Do The LEGO® Botanical Succulents And Flowers Cost?

These botanical LEGO® sets float anywhere around $30-$100 per set. The level of detail and size of the succulent or set will determine on which end of this range your purchase will sit.

How Long Does It Take To Build Sets From The LEGO® Succulent Series And Botanical Collection?

It takes roughly anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours – depending on your pacing and skill with LEGO®. 4 hours on the extreme high end! It should not be that long.

How Many Pieces Are In The LEGO® Succulent Sets?

Anywhere from 500-1000 – hence, the shorter build time. It is still a fun and challenging build.

These beautiful LEGO® sets are ready to be apart of your collection today. This is a completely different way to show off flowers, you can display them forever, your loved one can literally hold onto these after they build it – while having the pride and love that they built it themselves!