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Who can resist two new, adorable LEGO® minifigures being added to the Super Mario lineup? Certainly, not me! Wahoo! If you have not seen the Super Mario trailer for the new movie, you are missing out on some serious fun. These sets are adding to the momentum of a much loved brand, growing in relevancy with the upcoming, star-laden masterpiece.

The Two Characters Added To the LEGO® Super Mario Universe

LEGO® Dry Bowser – While not a minifigure, this brick-comprised Bowser looks evil and menacing.

LEGO® Donkey Kong – Also, not a minifigure, but a really cool brick-pixelated LEGO® build of Donkey Kong.

In addition, for MAR10, the international Mario day, the “Dry Bowser Castle LEGO® Set” was revealed showing the two new figures, the awesome Castle, and colorful design of the Summer LEGO® release. The castle is laden with some incredible features, secret rooms, and tons of nostalgia. These brick-builds are going to be a must-buy. With the Super Mario Movie coming out soon, you will need to buy, build, and invest in these sets to come. The expected arrival of the the new Bowser Castle Set is August 1st, 2023.

If you like Super Mario LEGO®, this is by far my favorite set. Amazon always has great deals, and I highly recommend getting your hands on a Nintendo set like the ones below ASAP!