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Leap into LEGO® Land with the Super Mario Piranha Plant: Brick-Built Bites Await!

LEGO® Has A Snappy Set Joining The Lineup With 71426

Dive headfirst into the LEGO® realm combined with Mario’s universe! Introducing the Super Mario™ Piranha Plant 71426. Embark on a brick-tastic building quest and recreate this iconic, toothy adversary in fabulous fashion. With the ability to waggle its head, snap its jaw, and rustle its leaves, you can mimic Mario’s unforgettable foes in style. Once built, slot your Piranha Plant into its custom LEGO® pipe, and for an added touch, the set comes with 2 coin elements. Standing proudly at over 9 inches and stretching out to 4.5 inches wide, this display piece is a stunning tribute to the Super Mario™ world. And, although it’s all about the visual allure, no digital gimmicks are included. Perfect as a gift, this 540-piece set promises to be an epic treat for Super Mario™ enthusiasts or anyone game for a thrilling build. Don’t worry if you’re new; with easy-to-follow instructions in the box and on the LEGO® Builder app, you can dive into the building adventure with confidence. Ready, set, build, and run for your life!

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You Can Still Get These Two Piranha Plants Off Amazon

The LEGO® Super Mario Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set 71365

This is a delightful addition to the LEGO® Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course 71360. This set challenges players with a sliding seesaw feature. Players place LEGO® Mario (not included) on a rail platform and must navigate the seesaw to earn coins while avoiding Piranha Plants at either end. An added Time Block gives players the opportunity to earn extra time during play. Additionally, the set contains Goomba and Koopa Troopa figures, allowing LEGO® Mario to engage and earn more coins. With 217 pieces, this expansion provides a fun and interactive building experience.

The LEGO® Super Mario Piranha Plant Puzzling Challenge Expansion Set 71382

This Super Mario LEGO® set introduces a brick-constructed, treacherous Soda Jungle to the LEGO® Super Mario Starter Course. This expansion showcases toy figures of renowned Super Mario foes, including 2 Piranha Plants and a Spiny, ready to be tackled by Mario (not included in the set). A standout feature is a spinning carousel designed to push the Piranha Plants aside. Furthermore, the set incorporates three red-coin blocks, challenging players to jump on all within a set timeframe to secure substantial digital-coin rewards. Comprising 267 pieces, this LEGO® set is an excellent addition to the Super Mario world.

Discover The History Behind The Piranha Plant

Meet Mario’s legendary plant nemesis – the Piranha Plant! Crafted by the gaming giants at Nintendo, this formidable foe made its debut in “Super Mario Bros.” on the NES in 1985, swiftly rising to become one of Mario’s most iconic challengers.

Imagine towering, carnivorous plants, their gaping mouths bristling with razor-sharp teeth, lurking inside pipes, ready to ambush unsuspecting players. As time has flown, the Mario universe has unleashed a diverse array of these menacing plants. From the fiery breath of the Fire Piranha Plant to the treacherous Ptooie balancing a perilous spiked ball, and not forgetting the colossal Petey Piranha, these enemies promise a heart-pounding experience!

Any LEGO® Piranha Plant Is A Great Investment

Piranha Plants have become emblematic of the inventive, often whimsical enemy design in the Mario series. Their simple yet memorable design, combined with their frequent appearances, has cemented their place in video game history. LEGO® set 71426 is going to be worth multiple purchases. A full review to come with the release of this set!