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Tap Into The Speed Force With The Help Of LEGO® Bricks

Barry Allen is the red and yellow zig-zag of a man who can’t be caught. His minifigure is epic, and his sets are…wildly expensive but amazing. Let’s run down this list of what sets are available off Amazon for purchase.

LEGO® Super Heroes Mighty Micros: The Flash vs Captain Cold 76063

Hit the ground running with two incredible, mini micro race cars: one for The Flash and one for Captain Cold. Flash’s ride has a bunch of transluscent lights and exhaust elements. Captain Cold has his signature freeze gun and also sports some ice elements shooting out the back of his car. With each vehicle clocking in at 1 inch x 1 inch x 3 inch, you are looking at a small ride with a big punch.

LEGO® Superheroes 76012 Batman: The Riddler Chase

Speed into action with this LEGO® set 76012 featuring iconic characters like never-before-seen Batman in a fresh new suit, The Flash, and The Riddler. The stakes are high and the features are jaw-dropping, so let’s dive right into the details.

The minifigures are in a league of their own.
It comes with three unique characters complete with assorted weaponry and accessories. Batman wears a sleek, newly designed suit that’s perfect for crime-fighting, The Flash is as speedy as ever, and The Riddler is dressed in his signature green and question marks. Batman comes armed with his trusty Batarang, while The Riddler swings into action with a crowbar. Don’t overlook the additional accessories, either. The little elements in this set bring the action to life!

LEGO® DC Super Heroes Speed Force Freeze Pursuit 76098

LEGO® Speed Force Freeze Pursuit 76098 featuring the CyborgCopter and Killer Frost’s Ice Car is a thrilling addition for fans of DC Comics and LEGO® alike. The CyborgCopter is a technological marvel, boasting a net shooter, dual stud shooters, and even a radar. Measuring at over 3″ high, 10″ long, and 4″ wide, it’s a substantial build that offers dynamic play. On the flip side, Killer Frost’s Ice Car is no slouch either, with its adjustable bulldozer blade and dual stud shooters. It measures over 2″ high, 5″ long, and 1″ wide, making it a sleek yet formidable vehicle.

The set includes 271 pieces and comes with four captivating minifigures: The Flash equipped with Power Blast weapons, the menacing Reverse Flash, tech-savvy Cyborg, and the icy Killer Frost. It’s a LEGO® DC collectible treasure.

These Are Some Of The Best LEGO® Flash Sets Available

LEGO® sets have long been synonymous with quality and imagination, but when you merge this iconic brand with the thrilling world of DC Comics, specifically the Flash universe, you unlock a new Speed Force of pure joy. What makes LEGO® DC Flash sets exceptional aren’t just the intricately designed minifigures or the interactive play features; it’s also the rich storytelling possibilities that these sets offer. Whether you’re recreating high-speed battles with Reverse Flash or building complex scenarios with Cyborg and Killer Frost, each set offers a myriad of opportunities for creative play.

Notably, LEGO® DC sets also hold their value exceedingly well, making them not just toys but potential long term LEGO® investments. Their universal appeal transcends age; children love them for play, adults value them for their nostalgia and intricate design, making these Flash sets a win-win for everyone. If you’re a DC aficionado, owning a piece of this collection is like owning a piece of pop culture history. Exclusive minifigures and specialized parts in LEGO® DC Flash sets not only elevate the play experience but also ensure the sets’ collectible value appreciates over time.