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This How-To Guide Gives You Precise Steps And Cadence You Will Need To Take The Platform With Your Bricks

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Finding out the right formula for TikTok ranking is not easy. However, if you have come here for more viewers for your LEGO® builds on TikTok you already have a head start. You know your niche.

Knowing Your Audience Is Key

What kind of build are you doing? Is it complex? What is the demographic of the user you are reaching? Are they a casual builder? Are they are a gamer? Are they advanced with LEGO®? This is an example of the slew of questions you need to ask yourself before you begin marketing LEGO®-related topics with video content on TikTok. You must stick to your audience, what you know about their habits, and how your content can improve their experience.

Cross Platform Research For Topic Ideas (And Common Sense)

TikTok is a video-browsing, social media platform. An intelligent and powerful algorithm also dictates it. A baseline knowledge of some SEO will seriously help you here. Semrush, Google Trends, and Google Ads keyword planner can help you find new or trending keywords – then go after them with a quick video explainer! Use these tools to find a “how-to” keyword, like “how to tell the difference between a real and fake LEGO® minifigure.” Then, make an awesome explainer in 30 seconds.

Also, use common sense for trends. Ahsoka LEGO® was trending because the Disney+ show was a massive hit right out of the gate. Imagine what you would have captured if you made a video about her sets, or building an Ahsoka set live?

Length Of Time For Your Builds Is Extremely Important On TikTok

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As our attention spans approach zero, so does the need for faster, and more engaging video content. Utilize snapping sounds to draw your reader in and please keep you builds sped-up. If you are building a small set, keep it to 20-30 seconds and speed it up. If you are building a medium to large size set, speed it up as fast as you can, while it still makes sense, provide a voiceover or engaging soundtrack, and showcase the final build at the end. For larger builds, try to keep it to 45-60 seconds total. You don’t have much time, so be sure to edit and make cuts.

Consistency Is Favored By TikTok And Your Users

The first few months are going to be tough. Like Google, you have to gain TikTok’s trust and show that you post viable, safe, and engaging videos. Do not be disheartened if you don’t immediately take off. Like a website, the initial process can take 4-6 months (at a minimum). This is not a get rich quick scheme and you need to post regularly.

Do post 2-3 times a day, spaced out between 2-4 hours with new, engaging LEGO® builds, LEGO® minifigs, and LEGO® polybags.

Don’t post 10 times a day, spaced out between 20-30 minutes, with reposted, boring, poorly edited content.

How Can You Monetize Your LEGO® Blog And Your Matching LEGO® TikTok?

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A great trick is to post a blog about a video or a video that relates back to your blog. This builds “entity salience” between your two digital marketing platforms and helps to build a web of trust. For monetization, review sets and building sets and posting affiliate links can be an incredible source of income. Also, sheerly posting what you love, doing it well, and engaging users is going to get you views and followers – tons of followers always equal money!

Build What You Love And Show Your LEGO® On TikTok

By nature, LEGO® fans are innately quirky, intelligent, fun, and silly. Coming up with inventive was to engage them is not hard. Keep your videos short, featuring trending sets and questions, and you will get to the top of the For You Page in no time!