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Oh, hello there! It’s me, Mario! It’s-a me, your favorite plumber and video game icon! You might know me from games like Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, and Super Mario Galaxy, but did you know that I also have my very own LEGO® sets now? That’s right, you can now build and play with me in real life with these amazing Mario LEGO ®sets!

Why Do I Love The LEGO® Mario Sets?

The Mario LEGO® sets are a dream come true for me. I love being able to explore the Mushroom Kingdom and jump on Goombas in video games, but now I can do it in the real world too! The sets come with everything you need to build your own little slice of the Mushroom Kingdom, from bricks to make the colorful terrain to stickers to add those finishing touches.

One of my favorite LEGO® sets is the LEGO® Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course. It comes with a little Mario figure that has a screen on his chest that shows different expressions and sounds as you play. You can also build a course for Mario to run through, complete with obstacles like Piranha Plants and Koopa Troopas. It’s so much fun to watch Mario’s reactions as you guide him through the course!

But that’s not all – there are other LEGO® sets too, like the Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set and the Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set. Each one comes with its own unique challenges and enemies to defeat, just like in the video games. You can even combine the sets to make your own custom courses!

Building with LEGO® bricks is so much fun, and I love that I can share that joy with all of my fans. It’s a great way to get creative and use your imagination. Plus, playing with LEGO® sets is a great way to spend time with friends and family. You can race each other through courses or team up to defeat Bowser – the possibilities are endless!

Find Your LEGO® Mario Set

So what are you waiting for? Grab a Mario LEGO® set and let’s go on an adventure together! Let’s stomp on some Goombas, collect some coins, and save Princess Peach.