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There Have Been Leaked, Possible Images Of A New, Red LEGO® Coruscant Gunship…It Looks Beautiful

Final Update – it’s out!

Experience the thrill of the Star Wars universe with this intricate 1,083-piece LEGO® Coruscant Guard Gunship set. This fully-equipped gunship comes with two pilot cockpits, stud shooters, adjustable cannons, and even a handle for dynamic, high-flying play.

Five finely-printed LEGO® Star Wars minifigures are ready for action —Chancellor Palpatine, Clone Commander Fox, two Clone Coruscant Guards, and Padmé Amidala. These are incredibly unique minifigs perfect for the set!

As impressive in display as it is to build, this set is substantial in size, measuring over 5.5 inches high, 14.5 inches long, and 16 inches wide. I highly recommend buying multiples of these for your LEGO® Star Wars Coruscant armada.

LEGO® Coruscant Guard Gunship With Minifigures
Coruscant Guard Gunship In LEGO® Box

The original LEGO® Star Wars Gunship was a masterful set sporting intricate details from Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, and included some pretty sick phase 1 minifigures. This former set also now carries a hefty price tag in the $700-800 range. But..something from the LEGO® design team has awakened the brick fans in the deep of the web…

2023 will give birth to a new red LEGO® Coruscant Republic Gunship TBD…

What Is It Going To Look Like?

We are most likely looking at a Republic Gunship minus the Geonosis laser pods, and simply red wings for more of a “shuttle” feel than an actual gunship (that is supposed to go to active-battle planets). This LEGO® Coruscant Republic Gunship will most likely be fitted for transporting high-ranking LEGO® Star Wars Clone Wars minifigs and their elite security detail between Senate installments on the planet.

Picture The OG LEGO® Republic Gunship…but in elite RED!

What Minifigures Will Be In The Set?

According to some rumors and leaked images (although these appear to be eye-catching MOCs), there will be a Palpatine, Padme, Commander Fox, and Two Crimson Elite Troopers. But, most of this is conjecture…we will have to wait and see what LEGO® releases.

This does have some implications for LEGO® Elite Clone Troopers in this set. However, these troopers will most likely be ever-so-slightly different (they usually are). If you have set LEGO Star Wars Elite Clone Trooper and Commando Droid B 9488 set, I would not be too concerned about the LEGO investing prices for the long hold.

Any Idea How Much The Alleged Red LEGO® Star Wars Gunship Will Cost?

The original LEGO® Gunship came out in August of 2013 for a retail price of $119.99. It is ten years later (to the month), which reinforces this rumor of a re-release due to 10 year anniversary of the original set and the Ahsoka TV Disney+ show on the horizon. It is a safe bet this set will run double, or triple that price.

My honest guess: is the possible price of the Star Wars Red LEGO® Republic Gunship will be anywhere from $200-$400 dollars. So, start saving up money now and get ready to buy as many as you can – ha!

Alright So What Is the Deal? New Red Republic Gunship? What Does This Mean For My Old Gunship Price?

Honestly, it probably means LEGO® Star Wars Republic Gunships are going to be stonks (a highly-valuable investment and the new set will reignite fans). Personally, I have multiple 75021 Republic Gunships in my collection and have built them. I will buy multiples of new crimson gunships, and heck, I will search for the old ones again just to buy and resell!

My overall rating: This is a certified Baumlinks BUY when this set drops!