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As My Bank Account Cries, I Cry Tears of Joy

It’s 2005. The credits roll back into the void of the Galaxy. The camera pans down. The sun shines brightly over coruscant. The timpani’s from John Williams orchestra strikes a 1,2 cadence of thundering booms for “The Force” theme as a Republic Venator pulls into view. We watch as the trill of Anakin and Obi-wan’s Jedi Starfighter’s pull a flight maneuver over the front of the cruiser. You are mesmerized.

Why Is The Venator-Class Cruiser So Iconic?

As the name implies, the Venator-Class Star Destroyer was the progenitor and engineering design for the Imperial Star Destroyers we see so menacingly in the original. These red-embroidered Star Destroyers, which are exhibited in “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of The Sith,” easily dispatched the Separatist fleet. These ships cut through the cosmos like hyper-drive knives. This ship, for the clone army, was everything and more: heavy deflector shields, a duel-wedge design, troop transport, heavy cruiser, battle cruiser, an army in a ship, 1,000 meters of cannons…The Republic Venator-Class Star Destroyer was a master class in Clone dominance in the Star Wars Universe.

October 2023 Will See The Newest UCS Venator Star Destroyer 75367

While I don’t have the newest picture here is what the first iteration looked like:

LEGO® is ready to release UCS Venator Star Destroyer from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This is an astonishingly massive addition to your LEGO® Star Wars aramada or your LEGO® Clone army. With 5,734 pieces and clocking it at an estimated $649.00 USD, this will be one of the biggest LEGO® Star Wars sets to date. The rumored figurines included will be Admiral Yularen and Captain Rex in his Phase II armor. Bookmark my site, and I will update this page as soon as Amazon has a link to the ship. You won’t want to miss this release LEGO® release.