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A Marvelous Display Piece Perfect For The LEGO® Rock Fan

The Fender Stratocaster is a phenomenal, electric guitar that was designed in the early 1950s and brought to market in 1954. With a crisp, clean tone and millions of strat-fans, the LEGO® Fender Stratocaster 21329 is a wonderful addition to the LEGO® ideas theme.

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What Can You Tell Me About The LEGO® Ideas Fender Stratocaster 21329?

At 1,074 pieces, this is a decent size piece with wonderful coloring, authenticity, and tantalizing features. It has a realisitc whammy bar, pickup switch, turning pegs, Fender logo stickers (hell yeah), a textile strap, and of course, six strings. You are able to detach the panel to look at the LEGO® motherboard inside – every bit adds to this set feeling real. I am no Jimi Hendrix, but boy, did this set look great beside a bright-red Fender Stratocaster. Honestly, if someone in your family is a LEGO® fan and a hard rock fan, this gift is made for them. I am definitely getting my Dad this set for the holidays.

How Long Does It Take To Build?

So with 1,074 LEGO® bricks you are looking at roughly 3-5 hours of build time depending on your skill level. I would certainly classify this as a more advanced build for AFOLs.

How Big Is The LEGO® Stratocaster?

Roughly, the red, LEGO® Fender Stratocaster measures over 14 inches high, 4 inches wide and 1 inch deep. The box can be a smidge deceiving, but the size is worthy of a display piece.

You Can Display The Combo With The Tools Below:

Is It Worth The Buy?

I will break this segment into two parts: for your collection or for investing. For a seasoned collector, gift, or for the rock fan, this is an incredible set. I would highly recommend just flat-out buying this set for yourself. For LEGO® investing, this set is an exceptional piece to hold onto and save. On Amazon, it is currently 20% off at $95.99! So, you can get in low now, and hold for 30% when it retires after its first year (20% off now plus 10% after its first year of retirement).

What Is A Cool Fact About The Fender Stratocaster?

Turns out that Eddie Van Halen thought the sound of the Fender Stratocaster alone was not what he wanted. He created a “frankenstrat” and combined parts of a Gibson and a Fender Stratocaster for his iconic sound.