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I’m Bricked Up Over This 75355 Review

LEGO® has released a boat-load (maybe, cargo-load) of LEGO® Star Wars X-Wings. To date, there are roughly 25 sets pertaining to the make and model of the famous X-Wing. As for LEGO® UCS sets, this is the third and most detailed model. It is expensive at retail for $239.99, but don’t be deterred by the price – you get what you pay for.

The History Of The UCS X-Wing

LEGO® loves the X-Wing set. So do we. Simple as that! Any chance the design team gets to remake, remodel, or refurbish an iconic starship design, you bet they are going to take it. Take for example the LEGO® Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter 75301, while a fraction of the price, you can feel the Star War’s nerd who made this (for four minifigures included, it’s an instant buy).

Now, UCS LEGO® allows the team to crack their knuckles and build something spectacular.

The first iteration of the UCS LEGO® X-Wing was the 7191 X-Wing Fighter released in August of 2000. Good luck getting your hands on this one, as it easily runs for $1,400.00+ on third party platforms. This model was blander (comparatively) sporting a simplistic gray hue and only came with one minifig, R2D2. Rare back then for a minifig. Not so much now.

The second UCS X-Wing iteration was Red Five X-Wing Starfighter – UCS (2nd edition) 10240 which sported a box that actually looked like a regular set. This one dialed up the design in 2013, including much more realistic S-foil folding action and colors to match The Rebellion fleet. However, this set only came with R2D2, but…it is much less expensive at $393.00 (comparatively to the 1st UCS set).

The Third UCS X-Wing Iteration: 75355

Now, on May 1st, 2023, part of the May The 4th promotion, LEGO® unveiled this nostalgic masterpiece. This build comes with 2 whole minifigures (I know, still not much, but hey, it’s Luke Skywalker), which means you get to pose R2D2 next to Luke Skywalker. There is a technic like dial that allows you to spread the X-Wings S-foils into attack position. I have to say, I really enjoy that functionality and I think any fan will. You will catch yourself muttering, “set your fighters to attack position,” as you turn it. The printing on Luke is unique and new to the Star Wars line. Eventually, that will drive up the sets price in mint condition for the LEGO® investing long haul.

This is not a trap!

At 1,949 pieces, this set will take you 6-8 hours to complete if you are new to building. The stand it comes on allows you to display the X-Wing poised in an upright position, as if it were pulling close to a planets surface and then veered up (which is awesome, you can see that in Rogue One). That stand also shares some cool details about the UCS build. Overall, if you are a fan? After building and reviewing set 75355, I would highly, highly recommend the newest UCS X-Wing. Remeber the LEGO® Investing Rule of Two: One to hold and one to build.

Is The UCS X-Wing 75355 Worth The Price?

For LEGO® investing and $239.99 off Amazon, it is a smidge expensive. However, I can almost guarantee that this set will climb steadily over the years. If you buy a couple, you will certainly make a return on your investment in the next 5 years.

For fans? Yeah, this is absolutely a Baumlinks buy. I was impressed with the build. You know, sometimes I amaze even myself. You can check the price for the UCS X-Wing here or using the button below. Happy building!