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Pulls At Nostalgia, This One Does.

I will not lie, right-off-the-bat, this set is a smidge overpriced. With LEGO® brick price running roughly $0.11 USD per brick, this set should be closer to $28.00 USD or even $30.00 USD for the price point of 75360. I know it contains a wonderful olive-green Yoda and R2D2 minifigures…but with the sets build, I have a rough time wrapping my head around it.

However, don’t let the price dissuade you!

LEGO® Star Wars: The Clone Wars Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter 75360 Has A Lot To Offer

For starters, this is Yoda’s Jedi starfighter from The Clone Wars. It’s customized to him, and careers the green hues to match the Jedi Master’s rank. You get Yoda and his green lightsaber, plus another R2D2 LEGO® minifigure – regardless of the set, having these minifigs will be worth something down the line. While most AFOLs will probably not utilize the spring-loaded shooters, I have to admit, they are a nice, modern touch to the build. With roughly 253 pieces, and measures 2.5 inches high, 5 inches long, 6 inches wide, this can fit in the palm of your hand after building for just an hour. I bought this set for the nostalgia, and I will continue to buy more!

Let’s Discuss The Original LEGO® Yoda Starfighter

The older model, LEGO® Star Wars Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter 75168, came out in 2017 with 262 pieces. Technically, you could say this set is a smidge more detailed. However, it terms of function and appearance, they are somewhat identical. The biggest differences on set 75168 can be seen on the wings and cockpit: the wings have grey, smooth 2×1 bricks on them, and the outline of Yoda’s cockpit has a black, smooth LEGO® brick affixed ontop. The LEGO® Yoda’s minifigure also carries an older, lighter green of the Star Wars saber line. It is not a massive difference, but for LEGO® investing, boy did it hurt a bit. The old 75168 took at 10% hit. However, it will always be a collectors item!

Why Do LEGO® Jedi Starfighter’s Look Like LEGO® Tie Fighters?

This is a great question! In the Star Wars universe, Jedi Starfighters were made by Kuat Drive Yards, which was a starship manufacturer on the planet Kuat during The Clone Wars. After the fall of The Republic, many of the Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) engineers laid designs for the Tie Fighters as they were absorbed into Sienar Fleet Systems, which was the star fleet armada manufacturer for The Empire! Fun fact: they even have similar sounds reminiscent of World War II fighter planes dive-bombing whistles to strike fear into the enemy (although, there should not be sound in space).

If you enjoyed this review, please feel free to use my link to buy LEGO® Star Wars: Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter set 75360 off Amazon today!