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Reject Humanity And Become Monkë

Every man wants to become monkey. Embrace your shadow self with the joy of four small, creative, and silly monkey figures created out of classic LEGO® bricks! Each of these four brick monkeys has a distinct appearance and attitude. The first monkey LEGO® figure is a small, brown monkey with loving eyes. The second is an inquisitive, small, and alert black monkey. The third is an ultra-joyful and taller black monkey. The fourth and final LEGO® minifigure monkey-build is a larger, Momma-monkey who looks a smidge displeased. They each have hands and posable arms for grabbing the assortment of bananas that come with the set! This set is only $9.97 on Amazon right now if you want to purchase the LEGO® Classic Creative Monkey here.

Big Happy Gorilla Wearing Cool Sunglasses

This set also comes with a colorful, simple, yet elegant banana tree with a few parrots in it. The set is wonderfully colorful, and comes with an assortment of extra pieces for modifying your monkey troop or making the tree even more vivacious.

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Is This Set A Good LEGO® Investment?

For LEGO® investing purposes, this small set is a phenomenal investment for two primary reasons: 1) it has a niche following 2) it is affordable. For monkey sets, people love the memes behind an animal kingdom creature that most adults know and love. This set is also extremely affordable. At under $10 on Amazon right now, you can buy a few. You can hold onto a couple for reselling, or to give to friends and family. Once, these creator sets retire, they usually hit 10-30% growth in a few years.

Should I buy LEGO® Classic Creative Monkey Fun 11031?

Absolutely. This set is a Baumlinks buy! With only 135 pieces, you can easily build this set in under an hour. It’s fun for you and the family and allows you to embrace monkey shenanigans. After building and reviewing set 11031, I can firmly say that it is silly and brings a smile to your face. Happy building!