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A Supersonic Plane Is Making A Loud Comeback

A Union of Iconic Marvels

Did you know that LEGO┬« isn’t just about castles, space stations, or superhero dioramas anymore? With their Icons series, LEGO┬« has ventured into the realm of crafting collectibles that are aimed at adult fans and hobbyists. Today, we’re flying in with the newest addition to a captivating lineup: The Concorde Set 10318. It’s an eye-catching model that invites you to pause, breathe, and engage in some “mindful building,” all while you learn about one of the most iconic passenger jets ever made.

LEGO® Icons Series Builds for the Adult in You

A quick peek into the LEGO┬« Icons series: As LEGO┬« realized that its fan base included as many adults as it did children, the Icons series was launched to target this demographic. The series features intricate models of world-famous structures, vehicles, and more, offering a more complex and detailed building experience that adults can appreciate – these sets speak to the true engineer in you. And trust us, these are not your run-of-the-mill LEGO sets. They’re bona fide collector’s items.

The Supersonic Stunner

The Concorde was a marvel of Anglo-French engineering. Created as a joint venture between Britain and France in the 1960s, the Concorde became the worldÔÇÖs first (and so far, only) supersonic commercial passenger jet. With the ability to fly at over twice the speed of sound, it could whisk you from New York to London in under 3.5 hours. Sadly, the Concorde was retired in 2003 due to high operating costs and diminishing demand, but its iconic droop nose and delta wings have made it a legend in the annals of aviation history.

LEGO® Icons Concorde 10318: Craftsmanship That Takes Flight

Designed to mimic the real Concorde in striking detail, this model features a range of moving parts. You’ll find a tiltable droop noseÔÇöso you can emulate its iconic takeoff and landing modesÔÇöas well as functional landing gear, and even a retractable tail bumper wheel. The delta wings are engineered with movable elevons, and the upper and lower rudders are hinged, capturing the mechanical elegance of the real aircraft.

A Space For Solitude

LEGO® understands that building is not just a task but an experience, one that can be meditative. This model serves as a fantastic tool for relaxation, allowing you to focus your attention on crafting something spectacular.

Display-worthy For Family (Looking At You, Dad)

DonÔÇÖt worry about your masterpiece collecting dust in some corner; this set comes with a dedicated stand. You can show off your model in various posesÔÇöwhether in flight, ready for takeoff, or in landing mode.

A Collector’s Item And A Solid LEGO┬« Investment

The model also features an accessible seating area, adding another layer of authenticity to your replica. This makes the Concorde 10318 not just a LEGO┬« set, but a collector’s item that holds appeal for both Concorde enthusiasts and model aircraft aficionados.

The Perfect Gift For Aerospace Engineering Fans

The LEGO┬« Icons Concorde 10318 is more than just a set of interlocking bricks; it’s a tribute to the marvels of engineering and aviation. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the Concorde, a LEGO┬« enthusiast, or someone who simply appreciates the fine art of model building, this set offers a fulfilling and educational experience.