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Struggling To Answer What To Make Out Of LEGO┬«? Google’s new, Search Generative Experience Can Help You.

In May of 2023, Google launched the beta-testing for one of its newest features, the Search Generative Experience, or SGE for short. SGE is an ML program embedded into the Google Search Engine that allows you to have a wonderful conversation, brainstorm ideas, and find out detailed information. For LEGO┬«? This method of building is almost as fun as ChatGPT LEGO┬« ideas. And…you can start using this tool for free today!

A LEGO® Brick Made From Binary Code In Green On A White Background

How To Enable SGE For Enhanced LEGO® Building Tactics

On your Google App, and sometimes Google Chrome Broswer, you will see this flask icon for Google “Labs” experiments. The most current being SGE. Clicking on this icon will safely enable SGE browsing capabilities. This is a safe, verified tool by Google. Please use Google help forums to enable it safely.

The Flask Icon For SGE Labs Experiemnt

What Does SGE Look Like With LEGO®?

Once SGE is correctly enabled, like this photo shown here, you will be able to “converse” with an AI system created in conjunction with the search engine that will generate dynamic results with incredible listings, citations, ideas, and creations.

Using the Search Generative Experience For LEGO®

How Do I Use SGE To Find Out What I Can Make Out Of LEGO®?

When using SGE, it is as safe as using the browser, because it is the browser! It will then generate ideas, listings, you name it! Each of these answers drops down into a “citation” or “listing” of a website that might have exactly what you are looking for if the idea is not enough. Clicking on an arrow will take you to a new idea or page. Mind you, it might take 5-10 seconds for a nuanced answer, but it will still give you more than something to work with. That is extremely fast and on-par with competitors.

Using SGE For LEGO® Gives You A List Of Ideas

Let SGE Give You The Idea Of Something To Build With LEGO® Bricks

The SGE experience can be inaccurate as it is still in its developing stages. But that doesn’t mean that this free tool is not incredible for our brick-building purposes. Here, SGE gives a more detailed drill-down of possibilities for what you can build out of LEGO┬« if you are stumped! Plus, it is only going to get better as time goes on.

SGE AI ML Giving A Detailed Answer For What To Build Out Of LEGO®

No More Brick Boredom

AI, Machine Learning, SGE will take LEGO┬« to an entirely new dimension of building. These sets below can help you get started, and then ask the Search Generative Experience quote: “what can I make using LEGO┬« set x, y, or z” and add a few details. The sky is the limit, or you can ask “how do I build a sky out of LEGO┬« bricks?” The answers and perspectives this tool will be able to give us now and moving forward are endless.