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In short, no, you should not buy knockoff LEGO®.

Why Should You Not Buy Fake LEGO®?

LEGO® maintains a strict production line and quality control toy manufacturing process. With knockoffs, especially Chinese knockoffs, these fakes are made under questionable circumstances and should not be encouraged. The company is pushing to make all LEGO® sustainable by 2030, and has a well-known commitment to quality assurance.

LEGO® Goes Through Strict Testing For Quality Control

LEGO® is subjected to strict measures of compression, bite, torsion, and drop tests ensuring that the pieces are safe for humans to handle and are a durable product. Knockoff sets are not held to the same standards.

Supporting LEGO® Is Supporting An Ethical Mission

By buying knockoff or fake LEGO® sets, a few things happen:

  1. The market becomes saturated with poor quality toys.
  2. We begin to support cheaper production lines with questionable production methods.
  3. We create an environment where integrity is not valued.

LEGO® is globally ranked for its ethical promises. It is a privately owned and operated company. As such, it is not driven by outside forces and quote, “is committed to protecting the planet that our children will inherit.

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In short, spend the extra funds to acquire a good, quality LEGO® set. This way you have customer service, quality control, and bricks made to last a lifetime!