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This Display Case Is Incredible For Displaying Your Minifigs!

This is the LEGO® minifigure display case comes right from the inventory of the renowned toy brand. I own multiple of these minifigure display cases, and currently have one filled with sixteen minfigures on my wall, as we speak. I will give a quick breakdown as to why this Room Copenhagen, LEGO® Minifigure Display Case is the best bang for your buck:

The Quality Of This LEGO® Minifigure Display Case

Please note, you get what you pay for. Not all LEGO® display cases are made equal. Some of the off-brand LEGO® display cases on Amazon can be a smidge rickety and feel brittle. This case could probably withstand dynamite (I’m kidding, please don’t put dynamite anywhere near this). It is a little bit heavier at about 1.8lbs, because I firmly believe it is made out of the same LEGO® ABS plastic, which makes this case feel insanely durable. If you collect LEGO® minifigures and have some rare or expensive ones, I would keep them in this case.

Little Awesome Functionalities And Coloring

On the back of the display case, you have holes for hanging and wall-mounting this minifigure case. Also, the studs on the bottom and top of the case means you can stack them as far as you want to go. The case comes 2×8, and just keeping adding from there (16 minifigures per case). So, for example, if you buy two of the cases above, you can easily stack 32 minifigures.

The display case comes with little gray baseplates in each cubby which means the minifigure doesn’t slide up or down (it really helps). Lastly, it comes in red, black, blue, or gray, so finding a style to fit your decor is no problem! Overall, I give this product a 9/10 (just a little more expensive) but highly worth the Baumlinks buy!