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An awesome, cute LEGO® minifigure to make your St. Patrick’s Day awesome.

This LEGO® minifigure from series 6 is called the “Leprechaun” and with outstanding detail and a short, green stature, it absolutely fits the bill. The minifigure series is a line of LEGO® where they introduce unique, one-of-a-kind pop, and culturally significant LEGO® minifigs. They are awesome to collect, as you never really know which of the minifigures will boon in value to the reseller market. I love investing in these minifigures as the ROI tends to be pretty significant. Also, it is extremely easy to protectively ship small minifigures such as the Leprechaun below.

The LEGO® Leprechaun Is A Minifigure Gift For St. Patrick’s Day

It comes with perfect, short-green legs and an awesome flat-brim top hat. The decorative green stands out against any LEGO® backdrop. For a friend, or family member, or as a LEGO® gift for your brother, the minifig comes with a larger price tag (as it is discontinued), but with the durability of minifigures…it can be in your or their collection for a long time! Long enough, and you might have yourself a pot of gold when you resell it a decade later!