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Quite possibly one of the largest LEGO® Star Wars sets weighing in at 8lbs with marvelous detail.

This outstanding, menacing build from the imperial LEGO® fleet comes with over 3,000 pieces and exceptionally detailed minifigures: Admiral Piett, Darth Vader, Dengar, Bossk, and IG-88 – with three of these minifigs being unique to this set! Due to the advanced build of this set, this makes for an excellent older LEGO® fan build or an exceptional LEGO® gift for your dad.

How Big Is The LEGO® Super Star Destroyer

The LEGO® Super Star Destroyer, once built, measures over 50 inches long (approximately 124.5 centimeters) and the width is somewhere around 13 inches at its widest. That is over four feet long, and a foot wide!

How Long Is The LEGO® Super Star Destroyer

Like stated above, once built the set is said to measure 50 inches, or 124.5 centimeters. You might be a half inch off – but it is definitely a long set! If you are looking to store it, ensure you have a lengthy table to support this massive build.

How Many Pieces Are In The LEGO® Super Star Destroyer

Over 3,000 pieces, but to be exact with the box-specs, there are 3,152 LEGO bricks in this Star Wars set!

How Much Does The LEGO® Super Star Destroyer Cost

When the set first released in June of 2014, it released with an initial price of 399.99, since it is retired (discontinued by The LEGO Group), it now goes for anywhere between $1200.00 and $1600.00!

Are There Unique Pieces In The LEGO® Super Star Destroyer

Yes, there are 3 unique minifigures in this set: Dengar, Admiral Firmus Piett, and IG-88

How Long To Build The LEGO® Super Star Destroyer

It can take a seasoned builder up to two weeks or, 17-20 hours, depending on how much time you are willing to devote to building it. It is an advanced build, but definitely worth the price for that length of fun.

How Much Does A LEGO® Super Star Destroyer Weigh

This behemoth of a Star Wars LEGO® imperial fleet ship weighs 8lbs or 3.5kg – absolutely hefty.

Is The LEGO® Super Star Destroyer Coming Back

Yes and no. Is the 10221 set coming back? Unlikely. But, the LEGO® team is releasing set 75356 which is the new “Executor Super Star Destroyer” which is available for pre-order, with an expected released date of May 1st, 2023. So, your Spring 2023 can start with an incredible build.

When Will The LEGO® Super Star Destroyer Come Back

The new 75356 “Executor Super Star Destroyer” is on track for a May 1st 2023 release, with pre-ordering available to the public now.

Will LEGO® Re-release This Massive Super Star Destroyer?

No, 10221 LEGO® Super Star Destroyer will remain discontinued for LEGO collectors and the reseller market. However, LEGO® will continuously release sets that are similar in nature and are available to collect.

With a set like this soon to be released, you can get your hands on the pre-order 75356 May 1st, 2023 and be set for a Summer of fun!

Here is the LEGO® 10221 being sold by resellers on Amazon if you are still looking for the beautiful 2014 Star Wars LEGO® set.