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The crack of the iconic whip meets the snap of incredible plastic bricks!

I remember when some of the first LEGO® Indiana Jones sets came out. Everybody has a favorite…or the favorite scene…Raiders of the Lost Ark is an absolute masterpiece of a movie – the LEGO® sets are no different. Truthfully, the scenes from this movie were so excellently captured by the LEGO® design team. I mean, how else are you supposed to amass an assortment of World War II related LEGO®? The first Indiana Jones sets provided the foundation for excellent decorative pieces, and the ability to create a MOC that was a blast from the past.

LEGO® Indiana Jones 7195 Raiders of the Lost Ark

As the story goes, Indiana Jones was supposed to get into a drawn-out sword fight with the stunt double. However, the stunt double was unable to shoot the scene, and Harrison Ford, quite-literally brings a gun to a “knife” fight. This became one of the most flippant, hysterical scenes in action-adventure cinema. While set 7195 has long been discontinued on the LEGO® market, you can still find it from resellers on Amazon. This 2009 set has an easy, quick build of 79 pieces!

LEGO® Indiana Jones Fight on the Flying Wing 7683

You know how a movie is so good, and the LEGO® sets modeled after them are a blast too? Every set makes sense, and a glance lets you know exactly where it is from. The plane is loosely modeled after two experimental planes: Horten Ho. VII, which was a propeller-driven predecessor of the Ho-229 tested in 1937. The Ho. VII was entirely experimental and lacked the gun turret in the movie. LEGO® captures the unique detail of this Ho. VII-esque brick creation…and the unfortunate accident that befalls the German mechanic. While this set is also retired, there are resellers who still offer the set!