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Today, we’re talking about LEGO® VIP points! The currency that can elevate your LEGO® building adventure, allowing you to go as far as a Saturn V Rocket in collecting and creating. The VIP points are more than just a tally on your account; they’re your ticket to discounts, exclusives, and more. Stick around to delve deeper into this magical currency within the LEGO® cosmos.

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How much are these LEGO® VIP points really worth?

Well, for every 100 VIP points, you get a discount of approximately $0.76. It’s like a special kind of magic—you spend to earn points and then transform those points into further LEGO® happiness.

Specifically, you gain around 6.5 VIP points for each dollar you spend. So let’s say you purchase a $100 LEGO® set. You’ll amass 650 VIP points. That translates to a $5 voucher that you can use on future LEGO® marvels.

The beauty of these points lies in their versatility. They can be redeemed for anything from special promotional sets to digital content. They’re not just for monetary discounts; they’re your key to a treasure chest of LEGO® experiences. You can collect them for future splurges or deploy them instantly to get that set you’ve had your eye on.

Your point-earning experience can differ depending on your geographical location and the currency you’re using. For instance, if you reside in the United States and want to gift a LEGO® set to a friend in Canada, you’ll rack up VIP points based on the order amount in Canadian Dollars. It’s as global as LEGO®’s appeal!

But wait, there’s a Small catch!

These valuable VIP points don’t last forever. They will vanish into the LEGO® abyss if you don’t engage in any VIP activity for 18 months. So make sure to keep your building passion ignited to enjoy all the perks that come with being a VIP.

Tips and Tricks For LEGO® VIP Points

  • Save up your points for major releases or exclusive sets to maximize your discounts.

  • Stay engaged with the LEGO® VIP platform to ensure your points don’t expire.

  • Look out for special promotions where you can earn extra VIP points to speed up your point-earning journey.

Become A LEGO® Insider

LEGO® VIP points are a gem within the LEGO® universe, enriching your overall building experience. They offer you great discounts, exclusive content, and so much more. So go ahead, start earning those VIP points and set your LEGO® creativity soaring sky-high!