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Backorder Doesn’t Mean You Should Give Up On Obtaining A Set

Ah, the excitement of clicking that ‘Buy Now’ button for your dream LEGO® set—only to find out it’s on backorder. Don’t know what that means? Let’s demystify it for you!

LEGO® City Starter Set 60072 Picture Of Box

What’s a LEGO® Backorder Anyway?

In the LEGO® universe, a backorder is a bit like a rain check. It means the set or pieces you’re dying to have aren’t in stock right at this moment. But here’s the good news: you can still claim them as your own by going through with the purchase. Once those much-awaited blocks touch down at the LEGO® warehouse, they’ll be zooming their way to you.

No Waiting Lines, Just Waiting Times

Worried that a backorder will hold up the rest of your LEGO® loot? Fear not! LEGO® has got you covered. Backorders don’t stall your entire purchase. All the sets that are available will ship out on schedule, and the backordered ones will follow as soon as they’re back in action.

Why Do Backorders Happen?

Well, sometimes LEGO® sets are so awesome they fly off the shelves faster than a rare, Star Wars minifig! That’s when demand overshadows supply. But let’s not forget those pesky real-world reasons too—like hiccups in the supply chain or snags in logistics that can make your LEGO® set temporarily elusive.

The 14-Day Sweet Spot

Now you’re wondering, “How long do I have to wait?” Generally, the limbo period for backorders is about a fortnight. Yep, you read that right. On average, you’re looking at 14 days of dreaming about your future LEGO® masterpiece before it becomes a reality.

The Nuts and Bolts of Backordered Buying

Okay, you decide to dive in and buy a backordered set. Your shopping cart won’t mind! The set tags along with your other purchases, but here’s the kicker—you won’t be billed for it until it’s ready to ship out. It’s like having a reservation at your favorite restaurant; you don’t pay until you’ve had your meal.

A Change of Heart? No Problem!

Sometimes we change our minds—it’s human nature! If you decide you can’t wait for that backordered LEGO® set, you can call it quits. Just make sure you cancel before your order status shows ‘In Warehouse,’ because once it hits that stage, your LEGO® set is basically on its conveyor-belt journey to you.

Backorder Does Not Mean Retired

So there you have it, everything you need to know about LEGO® backorders! Sure, they require a smidgen of patience, but remember: the best things in life are worth waiting for—and that includes that epic LEGO® set you’ve been eyeing. Happy building!