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Frustration Free Means The LEGO® Box Is Shipped As-Is With A Shipping Label On Top

LEGO® sets come in colorful, eye-catching boxes that are almost as fun to look at as the toys inside. However, in recent years, LEGO® has introduced a new type of shipping called “Frustration Free Packaging.” This new packaging has its benefits, but it also has its drawbacks. Let’s explore both sides of the minimalist shipping and packing debate:

The Benefits of Frustration Free LEGO® Packaging

The main benefit of frustration free packaging is that it uses less material than traditional LEGO® packaging. This means that there is less waste and the materials involved are more environmentally friendly. Additionally, this type of shipping method is typically easier to open and does not require any tools or sharp objects – just open the LEGO® box and you are ready to build! This makes it ideal for individuals who just want to build LEGO® sets without having to worry about damaging the box or spending extra time opening it. Frustration free packaging is also cheaper to ship, as it is lighter and takes up less space than traditional shipping methods which can take up a lot of room. You ever receive a tiny product in a massive box? This cuts that out of the picture!

The Cons of Frustration Free LEGO® Packaging

Despite its benefits, frustration free packaging does have its drawbacks. One of the biggest concerns is that this shipping method is not as durable and resilient as traditional LEGO® packaging. This means that the box could be damaged in transit, which could reduce the resale value of the set. This is particularly concerning for collectors who value the box as much as the LEGO® pieces themselves. Additionally, some people simply enjoy the experience of opening a brand new LEGO® set and seeing the colorful box for the first time, undamaged.

Whatever style of LEGO® packaging you choose, ensure that it is a part of your overall LEGO® investing strategy!