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Let’s Dive Into the Top 3 Biggest LEGO® Sets…Don’t Worry, I Won’t Keep You Waiting And I am Starting With The Biggest!

These are the top three biggest LEGO® sets ranked in the order of the most pieces:

  1. LEGO® Art 31203 World Map – 11,695 pieces (Released 2021)

2. LEGO® Icons 10307 Eiffel Tower – 10,001 pieces (Released 2022)

3. LEGO® Icons 10294 Titanic – 9,090 pieces (Released 2021)

What Makes The 31203 World Map From The LEGO® Art Theme So Massive?

When gauging the size of the set, most LEGO® builders always choose piece-count. However, I like to have a bit more fun and bring dimensions into play as well. This set boasts an outrageous 11,695 LEGO® bricks, 26 inches high, and 41 inches wide. It is a beautiful, classical map of the world. It is much like the mercator projection, but flat! My favorite part? This map could easily be hung up for wall decor. It is nowhere near the cost of 90,000 LEGO® bricks

This set also offers three possible ways to construct the outrageously large map. LEGO® never ceases to be a gift that keeps on giving!

The Second Largest Set To-date: LEGO® Icons 10307 Eiffel Tower

I wrote about how the LEGO® Icons 10307 Eiffel tower was the tallest set ever made here. While not the largest by piece count (although it certainly looks like it could be). This intricate detailed set seems even more massive than the World Map. But, I assure you, when discussing piece count, the World Map stands supreme. I will say: it stands just shy of 5 feet tall!

The Third Biggest Set: LEGO Icons Titanic 9,090

This set comes in last place for the biggest LEGO® set on the market to date. But…again it seems like all these sets could easily take the top spot. This iconic boat The LEGO® Icons Titanic measures over 53 inches long, 17.5 inches tall, and 6 inches wide. Funnily enough, The Titan Sub failed to reach the real thing a few weeks ago…However, you can safely build this in your living room over the course of a few days. No need to explore the deep – ha! Plus, this titan of a LEGO® build is absolutely awesome as a piece that sits like artwork in your home.