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Bricks Come In All Shapes… colors… and sizes for brick fans

As for the smallest LEGO® set ever made and sold, it’s the Lighting Brick, 4.5V 1115, released in 1980. This set consists of just one piece, making it the smallest set in LEGO® history. The second smallest set is the Atlantis Manta Warrior from the Atlantis theme, which is now a discontinued LEGO® theme. Despite their size, these small sets can be fascinating additions to a LEGO® collection and offer unique building experiences.

Microscale LEGO® Get Pretty Small

Also referred to as Miniscale, is a LEGO® building style that involves constructing models at a smaller scale than the standard minifigure scale, which is roughly 1:48. This allows LEGO® builders to create miniature versions of large structures or vehicles, making it possible to fit detailed scenes in a limited space.

The Smallest Minifigures On The Market: Nanofigures

The smallest LEGO® figures are called Nanofigures. These tiny figures were first introduced in the The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier set in 2015 and later included in the NASA Apollo Saturn V set in 2017. Nanofigures are a great way to populate microscale builds with tiny characters that fit the scale of the construction…but they don’t come cheap!

More Fun Facts About Really Small LEGO® Sets…They Keep Getting Smaller…And Smaller…How Small Could They Go?!

Why would someone be interested in the smallest LEGO® sets?

The Smallest LEGO® sets can be an interesting addition to a collection or serve as unique building elements for custom creations. Their small size offers a different building experience and can be a fun challenge for LEGO® enthusiasts.

Are there any new small LEGO® sets being released?

LEGO® regularly releases new sets, including small ones, as part of various themes and series. Keep an eye on the latest LEGO® releases and announcements to discover new small sets that may become part of your collection.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

The world of LEGO® is vast and diverse, but also tiny. Even the smallest sets can offer a unique and exciting building experience. Whether you’re interested in microscale builds, nanofigures, or the tiniest LEGO® sets ever made, there’s something for every LEGO® enthusiast to explore and enjoy. So go ahead, let your creativity run wild, and build something amazing with LEGO® bricks, no matter the size.