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It Already Got Released And You Can Buy It Right Now!

The AT-TE, or the All Terrain Tactical Enforcer, was a walking tank from The Clone Wars. Nicknamed “six legs” this crawling fortress provided outstanding support to The Republic. In the Star Wars Universe, it was modeled after the Artic Horny Whelmers, which was a ten-legged creature that was low to the ground. In the real world, its shape and movement is akin to the diabolical ironclad beetle with its six legs (this bug is able to withstand being run over by cars)!

The AT-TE On The Star Wars Battlefield

This heavily armored tank supported the Clone army and the Jedi on the Battle of Geonosis. You probably remember it clearly when the separatists tried to flee the planet with the Republic trying to keep them on the ground. It is a master class in functional war-related Star Wars vehicles that would be a strong progenitor to the AT-AT featured in the Battle of Hoth in the Empire Strikes Back.

Take A Look At All Of The Released LEGO® AT-TEs

Yes, they are expensive. LEGO® like this is always expensive. But, these are some serious Star Wars builds with exceptional minifigures in the mix.

The Best Of Them All: LEGO® Star Wars Republic Dropship With AT-OT Walker 10195

The Republic Dropship is not just a pretty build; it’s accentuates the functionality of the Clone Army. It has a fold-away handle located at the top. But here’s the jedi-voodoo: this handle seamlessly locks onto the AT-OT Walker, making transportation around your LEGO® MOC. Release is just as effortless—simply push a switch, and your AT-OT Walker is ready for ground missions. Adding to the Dropship’s functionality is an opening cockpit, providing a sense of realism that would delight any aspiring Clone Wars aficionado.

Now, let’s talk about the AT-OT Walker: This mechanical beast comes with eight poseable legs (two more than the LEGO® AT-TE), giving you the freedom to create dynamic battle scenes. The walker also boasts an opening cockpit and has room to seat up to 16 minifigures. That’s quite the squadron for your LEGO® Clone Army.

The set is also a delight for those who love action features – it includes flick-fire missiles and rotating front and rear cannons, elevating your play to a cinematic level. For those who enjoy personalization, the kit offers alternate stickers to customize your Dropship. You can still get it off Amazon for a hefty price – click on the photo and see for yourself!