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Take A Sneak Peek…

Double LEGO® VIP days are always shrouded with mystery. Although, it is safe to say that they occur every quarter. At a minimum, expect at least 3-4 blocks of days for Double LEGO® VIP Points (most likely, called Double LEGO® Insider Days here-on-out). This means you should budget a “Double VIP Points” spending allowance for each quarter, or every 90 days, to enhance your LEGO® investing potential. This allows you to save big on investments for reselling and generate the maximum amount of VIP points to purchase even more in the future – like a snowball effect for LEGO® purchases!

LEGO® Money Sign Made Out Of Blue And Yellow Bricks

When Are Double VIP Points Scheduled?

They’re generally scheduled around February/March, June/July, and October/November, the exact timing can be hard to predict, but LEGO® usually lets you know a few days beforehand. Have a budget ready for every quarter – at a minimum. LEGO® VIP points are also worth some money, and can help you buy sets. Preparing for Double VIP Point days helps you not just buy, but win LEGO® investing.

What LEGO® Deals Are Happening Now?

With every LEGO® purchase of Harry Potter sets over $40.00 USD you get a small Quidditch set with Cho Chang. This small LEGO® Harry Potter™ set add-on is designed for young fans of magic as well as Muggles™ interested in Quidditch™. It comes with several features for interactive play, including a rotating platform and a Golden Snitch. A Cho Chang™ minifigure is also included in the set. This small polybag is available at no additional cost when purchasing $40 or more of LEGO® Harry Potter™ products, from September 1st to 13th.