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This Comprehensive LEGO® Motors And LEGO® Motorized Technic Guide Can Provide You With Quality Links

LEGO® motors, also known as technic motors, can bring life to your brick creations. These are hallmarks of the LEGO® technic sets and robotics builds that provide movement and power to your builds. Finding the best motor depends on your build, its size, its functionality, and what you are looking to do for your build!

What LEGO® Set Has The Technic Motors For Supplying Power?

LEGO® Technic Power Functions Motor Set supplies the necessary motors for your technic, robotics, or independent creation. This motors can also be found in existing sets, or off the LEGO® website or even on Amazon.

Which LEGO® Motor Is the Strongest?

The main two qualities of a LEGO® motor are speed and power. The XL motor has the best and most power power. However, it has great power, but due to this, it lacks sufficient speed. So, if you have a build that requires lifting strength, like a crane, but does not need speed, like a moving car with wheels, this is the motor for you!

Which LEGO® Sets Are The Best To Motorize?

  • LEGO® 42095 Technic Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer
  • LEGO® 60197 City Passenger Train
  • 42089 LEGO® Technic Power Boat
  • 42082 LEGO® Technic Rough Terrain Crane
  • 42089 LEGO® Technic Power Boat
  • LEGO® 42042 Technic Crawler Crane

What Happened To LEGO® Power Functions?

LEGO® is introducing ‘Powered Up’ motors that have enhanced functionality and range for your builds. However, ‘Power Functions’ motors are still great collectors items!

The History Of LEGO® Motors

The history of LEGO® motors dates back to the late 1960s when they introduced the first electric motor set. This early motor was a 4.5V device, and it marked the beginning of an era where LEGO® sets became interactive, opening up a world of mechanization to the brick-building community.

The Timeline Of LEGO® Motors

In 1969, LEGO® introduced the first train sets with electric motors, sparking a new era of powered LEGO® creations. In the 1980s, the 4.5V motor was replaced by a more powerful 9V motor, which was widely used in train sets and Technic models. This new motor could be powered by a wall outlet, expanding the possibilities for brick builds.

The 1990s marked a significant step in LEGO® motor technology with the introduction of the Mindstorms product line. These programmable robotics kits included servo motors, which allowed users to control the speed, direction, and position of their LEGO® creations. The introduction of the Power Functions system in 2007 and later the Powered Up system in 2018, brought wireless control to LEGO motors, adding another layer of complexity and creativity to the world of LEGO® building.

LEGO® Motors In The Present Day

Continuing the evolution of LEGO® motors into the present day, the company has made significant strides in enhancing interactivity and realism in their models. A prime example of this is the LEGO® Technic Power Functions Motor Set. This set is designed to breathe life into LEGO® Technic creations by providing them with realistic, controllable motion.

The Power Functions Motor Set is a supplementary set that includes a medium motor, a battery box, a switch, and a light cable with two bright LEDs. These components offer a variety of applications for LEGO® Technic models, making them more dynamic and interactive.

The medium motor, measuring just over 1” wide and under 1” high and deep, is the heart of the set, providing the necessary power to animate LEGO® creations. The switch and cable, which measure over 9” long, allow users to control their models’ actions. The battery box, measuring 2” high, 3” wide, and 1” deep, powers the system, while the light cable, measuring over 15” long, illuminates the models, adding another layer of realism.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of the LEGO® Technic Power Functions Motor Set is its compatibility. It works seamlessly with all power function compatible building toys, opening up a world of creative building opportunities. This continues long-standing tradition of fostering creativity and technical skill development in LEGO® enthusiasts of all ages.