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Right Now, This Set is 20% Off On Amazon For A Total of $7.99

Let’s cut to the chase here, something is brewing for Dave Filioni’s “Ahsoka” TV series, and I think old characters are going to make a comeback. Tap me as a tin-foil, LEGO® mad-hatter, but I think those coffins contain Sith and the Witches of Dathomir plan to reanimate them. So, what do you do if you have a zombie Sith army? You construct an Avengers-esque team of Star Wars power-players to fight the onslaught. Temuera Morrison already came back to play Captain Rex. What is stopping him from a Boba Fett cameo in the “Ahsoka” series? Nothing.

Side Hustle: Reselling Boba Fett LEGO® Minifigures

This Boba Fett minifigure is already pricing around $10-$15 individually off Amazon. Buying multiples of these microfighters allows you to secure a plethora of Boba Fett minifigures for $7.99. If you hold onto all of these sets for at least one year after retirement, there is going to be a significant chance you will double your money. I went bullish on these sets. I bought 30 of them for close to $300 after taxes, shipping, and handling. I am going to wait two years, and then resell for $15-$20 USD on third party platforms.

Quick Case Study: 75127 LEGO® Star Wars MicroFighters The Ghost

What does this set have in common with the Boba Fett microfighter above? The Ghost (the Star Wars Rebels ship) appeared in a cartoon and in a Disney+ TV series smash hit. Boba Fett appears in “Death Trap” The Clone Wars – Season 2, Episode 20, and tries to kill Mace Windu by disguising himself as a clone. Now, he has completed his Disney+ TV series with plenty of room for a cameo. The Ghost began at a retail price $9.99. Now? The price has booned up to $58.00 with a growth of 481.38%. So, if you buy these microfighters, you will have to wait 7 years, but you will receive a 50-fold return. I am willing to take that bet.

Yup, Boba’s microfighter is a buy.