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Coming In At 20% Under MSRP Is LEGO® Star Wars 75333 OBI-Wan Kenobi’s Jedi Starfighter – $23.99 On Amazon Today

LEGO® Starships of any magnitude are a great LEGO® investment. But A LEGO® Star Wars Starship? You are suiting up to take your tangible portfolio to the moon. This set is still under performing and routinely going for a lower, and lower price point. It is bottoming out at around $25.00, and for this price, it is time to get into to the LEGO® investing game.

Why Is No One Talking About Obi-Wan’s LEGO® Starfighter?

Maybe they are, but I rarely see or hear anything. Let’s break down its current value: right now Taun We is selling for $10. Obi-Wan Kenobi’s minifig is selling for $4. The astromech is (which is entirely unique to this set) is selling for $2-$3 on reselling platforms. We are looking at a solely minifig part out of $17 dollars. You only need $10 more to make a reasonable profit.

I firmly believe that due to this set’s lackluster release and design complexity, it isn’t being bought as much (hence the continual lowering of price).

The price drops are because they are left with the supply. Once it retires, the demand for Obi-Wan Kenobi will remain the same.

This set is a must-have for LEGO® Investing. I think LEGO® collector’s are seriously underestimating the three awesome minifigures and simple set design that appeals to multiple audiences. Other’s mistake is your investment opportunity.