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With The Way Stranger Things Upside Down 75810 And LEGO® Brickheadz Demogorgan & Eleven 40549 Performed, One Can Rest Assured For Future Sets And Possibilities

Why Would LEGO® Make More LEGO® Stranger Things Sets?

While LEGO® might not release any Stranger Things LEGO® sets right now there is still a solid chance with season 5 coming sometime late in 2024. Two very specific sets were released due to the hype season 4 garnered. With the popularity, pop-culture savvy audience, and iconic Netflix show, I would assume LEGO® is poised to drop a few more sets; pertaining specifically to season 5 when it drops. While some believe the sets are too gruesome for conventional brick fans, these sets appeal to AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO®). The theme is technically discontinued, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a revival!

How Much Did LEGO® The Upside Down 75810 Appreciate (Grow) Post-Retirement?

A whopping 80% as of this moment! With that kind of resale value, you can absolutely bet LEGO® investors want another. Yes, new Stranger Things sets will temporarily move supply up and demand for the past sets down. But, LEGO® releasing another round of sets (for the Stranger Things last season, most likely) will drive up awareness of the unique sets. Frankly, once the last round of sets are released, over time the next batch will grow…and grow.

How Much Did LEGO® Brickheadz Demogorgan & Eleven Appreciate (Grow) Post-Retirement?

This set has grown 20% a year out, and is projected to growth another 10% each year moving forward. Brickheadz LEGO® sets are a sweet addition to your displays and make an awesome gift for all kinds of fans and ages. If they do another set of Stranger Things Brickheadz, ensure you buy a few…or ten!

Can I Still Get LEGO® Stranger Things Sets?

Of course you can, you can even get LEGO® Stranger Things Sets On Amazon! However, be forewarned, these sets are now retired and are no longer a cheap option for LEGO®.

You Can Even Click On This Photo Here And Purchase The Retired LEGO® Set Off Amazon!