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About The Blogger

Hi, my name is Matt!

I have been a dedicated LEGO® enthusiast my entire life. My journey with LEGO® began like most other people – as a gift in their childhood. Now, as an adult, I relish in the colorful, brick-building experience to cherish the nostalgia.

What Makes Me A Good Brick-Blogger?

What gives me an edge as the new brick-blogger to the market? I utilize AI, SEO, and tech to bring LEGO® news, info, and ideas to the forefront of Google search engine results pages. I look for market trends to find you new sets to invest in, or the perfect set for a familial gift.

What Is Your Favorite LEGO® Theme?

Personally, I am a huge fan of LEGO® Lord of The Rings sets (expensive and rare taste, I know) and, of course, Star Wars LEGO®.

What Is Your Favorite LEGO® Set?

Without a doubt, LEGO® 7101 “Lightsaber Dual” which features the classic Qui-Gon Jinn and Darth Maul dual on Tatooine. It is an incredibly simple set, but that is why I love it! It is pure nostalgia and was one of the first LEGO® sets I ever received.

I Would Love To Hear From You!

I love hearing from brick-enthusiasts and would like to hear from you! If you have any ideas, want me to write content, want SEO LEGO® tips, please email me at [email protected] – I am here to build with you!