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Secret Tips And Tricks For Ranking LEGO Higher On eBay

Explore my personal, comprehensive guide on how to make LEGO® more visible on eBay

What This Information Needs To Be Prefaced By:

I intentionally keep my eBay store and my professional life out of my blog – for the time being. However, I am currently an SEO strategist for a publication. Ranking well on search engines, of all types, is my calling. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

If this doesn’t apply, head back to my blog!

What Are You Selling On eBay (if it is LEGO®, keep reading)?

First-off, it is critical you identify what you are selling. Is it pieces? Minifigures? Whole sets? As a top-rated seller on eBay (my store is currently closed, as I work on my blog), I always go with smaller, high ROI investments. I love selling used and new LEGO® minifigures on eBay. They are small, high value, high demand, easy-to-ship, and cost-effective to ship. If you want to ship LEGO® minifigures, I highly suggest read the linked post! Selling large sets is a bit of a pain as they can be hard to photograph (high-quality photos are a must for eBay success), and its assuredly lucrative but takes a bit of time, reviews, and knowledge of LEGO® investing.

Take Rotating/360 Degree Photos of your LEGO® minifigure or set for sale

Please use a plain white background! Make sure they are high enough quality and sized appropriately for mobile and desktop. If you must, use a contrasting background that ensures the boundaries, and lines of the minifigure or set are accentuated. Why? So Search engines, AI, and eBay’s “Cassini” algorithm can understand your photos and help you rank on search engine results pages, and not just eBay. Ensure that these photos are 360 degrees, giving you the most possible angles on a listing. This helps you to expand your potential reach.

For example, for the selling of my LEGO® minifigures, I take five photos: front, right, back, left, accessories and/or helmet removed. A square photo of 1600 x 1600 pixels is critical for appearing well on mobile pages, and eBay’s mobile website.

Do NOT use watermarks on your photos. Investing In An Amazon Photography Kit Is Extremely Beneficial.

The PULUZ Mini Photo Studio Light Box, is a compact and portable photography studio with 96 high-quality LED light beads for optimal brightness. Assembling in just three seconds, this LED lightbox studio offers a perfect backdrop for small business product photography. With a CRI>95 color temperature ring light board and built-in stone grain fabric, it ensures excellent light gathering. The PULUZ Light Box features a front horizontal shooting window and a vertical window for versatile multi-angle shooting. Ideal for photographing small items like LEGO!

Google’s AI RankBrain, and eBay’s “Cassini” both like clean, streamlined photos. They want clear and distinct images that are separated from the background and the Puluz Light Box is one of those accessories for your virtual, eBay store that can help you do just that now!

Use Previous listings for help deciding The price point and information about your LEGO Listing

Ensure you do your due diligence. It is important to do market research. Use LEGO® blogs, eBay itself, BrickLink™ and find the most competitive price point. Do not forget to factor in your cost of materials, and cost of labor. Selling LEGO does take up time, if it is done well. It is therefore critical to price your goods and sets accordingly.

Be incredibly honest and detailed about the condition of the LEGO® minifigure or LEGO® Set

This is two fold: 1) adhere to being a good seller and 2) selling an optimized product.

People, and sellers, tend to think in terms of “need cash now” and sometimes, keyword sometimes, might be willing to oversell their LEGO® minifigures, sets, and pieces.

Remember: under-promise and over-deliver.

Be extremely explicit about the damages and condition of used LEGO® merchandise you are selling on a third-party platform, like eBay. Not only do readers recognize this, appreciate your transparency, and have greater engagement with you now and later (long-term selling habits for success), but AI algorithms that read and rank your eBay listings appreciate honesty and transparency as well.

Be up front about how the item will be shipped

Are you going to keep the minifigure in a plastic bag? Will it be shipped with the baseplate? Will it have all the accessories? How fast? Are you going to ensure it is bubble wrapped? Tell your potential buyer or customer exactly how the item is going to be shipped. This illustrates your attention to detail, knowledge of LEGO® collecting, and what the customer should look out for, package-wise, when it arrives!

Deploy AI for writing an SEO description (Secret #1)

Tell ChatGPT that you are writing a 250 word description using the keyword, which is almost always the set name and number, for eBay. Have some fun, and make it themed for customer engagement and to increase your click-through-rate (CTR).

Here is a fun example prompt:

Please write an SEO friendly, 250 word description for an eBay listing for the keyword phrase ‘LEGO® Star Wars 501st Clone Troopers Battle Pack Set 75345’

ChatGPT-4 eBay SEO Description:

Unleash the power of the galaxy’s finest with the LEGO® Star Wars 501st Clone Troopers Battle Pack Set 75345! This action-packed building set is the perfect addition to your LEGO® Star Wars collection or an exciting gift for kids and collectors alike.

Designed for fans of the epic Star Wars saga, this LEGO® set features the iconic 501st Clone Troopers, known for their distinct blue markings and unwavering loyalty to the Republic. The 501st Clone Troopers Battle Pack includes 4 intricately detailed 501st Clone Trooper minifigures, equipped with blasters, jetpacks, and other essential accessories to help them combat the Separatist forces.

Of course, this will require edits and a read-through, but use AI to your advantage – expedite publishing listings!


Deploy SEO HTML for writing your coded listing (Secret #2)


Copy and paste the following HTML and use it as a demo listing framework.

Simple but effective:

<h2>Title Of Your Product Goes Between Here</h2>

<p>Put the SEO description from ChatGPT between here</p>

Cadence of posting ebay LEGO® listings

Posting everyday on eBay and showing continuous activity on the platform meshes better than a huge listing dump. Post a couple LEGO® listings a day, and save your auctions for higher-priced items for Thursdays at 6PM pacific-time, and set for 10 days. This maximizes the potential of hitting two Sunday nights at prime shopping time!

Reviews For Your Products

Follow up with your customers. Gain trust on the platform and gain reviews. It is critical the eBay “Cassini” AI, Google, and potential customers can see you are reputable.

Responsiveness to Questions About Your LEGO listings

Respond, preferably as quickly as possible, to any questions or inquiries regarding your products. Please ensure that you stay professional. This is critical to creating your brand, and is a CYA if eBay gets a customer dispute. Pretend you are a shop owner on Broadway, Broadway being eBay – you need to act like it!

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