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When LEGO Products Release: Timings, Frequencies, and Early Access

LEGO® enthusiasts eagerly await the release of new sets, anticipating the joy of unboxing, building, and showcasing their latest creations. But when exactly do these new LEGO® sets become available? In this blog post, we’ll explore the release timings for LEGO® products, how frequently new sets are released, and how early access works for LEGO® VIP members.

Three LEGO Minifigures Holding A Blue LEGO Brick

What Are LEGO® Release Timings?

LEGO® sets typically become available at the beginning of the year or in the summer, with most releases happening at the start of the month. The exact time of day when new LEGO® sets are released varies by region:

  • Midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST) / 9 PM Pacific Time (PT) in the United States
  • Midnight Australian Eastern Time in Australia
  • Midnight British Time in the United Kingdom
  • Midnight or 1 AM European Time in Europe

Sometimes, new LEGO® sets become available the next morning, around 9 AM. For online releases, the LEGO® store updates at midnight EST / 9 PM PT.

What Are The Frequency of LEGO Set Releases?

LEGO® releases new sets all year round, generally in batches on the first of each month. As a result, announcements of new sets occur regularly. The brick-building company continually surprises and delights fans with an array of innovative and unique sets.

How Does LEGO® Early Access and VIP Membership Work?

The LEGO® VIP program is full of notable perks. The VIP membership program is early access to select new LEGO sets. Joining the LEGO® VIP program is free through the official online store. In addition to early access, VIP members also earn points on their purchases, which can be used towards rewards or discounts on future orders.

Prepare Yourself For The Next Big LEGO Release

Now that you know when LEGO® products release, you can mark your calendar and prepare to add new sets to your collection. Whether you’re a casual fan or a die-hard LEGO enthusiast, it’s always exciting to see what the legendary toy company has in store. Happy building!